10 Week Courses: Education

With the both in-person and online study, this course delivers significant opportunities to dive deep into Restorative Justice work as well as opportunities to reflect weekly on theory and practice.  Readings and assignments are sent on four days before our conference calls.  We hold conference calls to foster questions and discussion between you, our skilled and supportive facilitators, as well as other students.  Want some hands-on skill building to strengthen your practice? Course weeks 5 and 10 are full day workshops held on Fridays, so you’ll able to bring your real and pressing challenges to this discussion.  

Our four courses build upon each other magnifying the previous knowledge and expertise.  Upon completion of all four we believe you’ll be a strong practitioner and able to lead much of this work in your organization.



3 Day Intensives: Juvenile Justice and Families

Our 3-day course is an immersive experience that will challenge your skills both as a learner and facilitator.  We cover theory, strategy, and facilitation skills. These courses focus on Restorative Justice application in the Juvenile Justice setting or Family setting.  We blend hands on learning, guided practice, and reflection in our live practice sessions, and integrate this with strategizing implementation for your own organization or family.