Coaching (Remote)

A year of support very small group, resources.

Designed to support and advance restorative justice practitioners as they work through real world challenges. This small group, lead by veteran NYC educator David Levine, will quickly touch on the foundations of restorative practices and then immediately jump into workshopping the toughest and most compelling situations that you are currently facing. During our monthly coaching conference calls, each participant will have the chance to share specific questions and scenarios regarding their own restorative justice work for which they would like feedback and support. These discussions will enlighten and give food for thought to us all, as we take what we have learned and directly apply it in your own community. If you have read RJ books and watched videos already, but still struggle with what to do in certain settings to help your students or staff deal with repairing harm, this is the individualized support you have been looking for. Let us coach you through it!