Implementation/Trauma/Equity 301


Implementation/Trauma/Equity 301


Restorative Justice 301.  2 Day Intensive. 12 clock hours.

Join us for some Summer learning July 1st and 2nd 8am -3pm.

We will focus on policy changes and implementation how to begin building understanding in your school, where to go after people are on board, when to take your first case, assessment strategies, and trauma informed practices.  This will cover policy changes at the school and district level.  Participants will start their own implementation plan.

We will also dive deeper into racial equity and cultural competency. We are able to spend more time with this topic throughout the course. We’ll answer why RJ is an appropriate tool for addressing equity issues.  While we start with race, the tools of the equity lens apply to other disadvantaged groups and will help structure numerous conversations (race, gender identity, sexual orientation, class).

The will be lead by Nicholas Bradford Founder, Dr Jamie Johnson (Trauma/RJ), Hannah Williams, and Derrick Wheeler-Smith.


Galvanize (Co-Working)

111 S. Jackson St

Seattle WA 98104

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