How to Bring Restorative Justice to Your School

Hey, you! Yes, YOU can make it happen! Anyone can. Whether you are a principal, a student, counselor or teacher, you can be the one to speak up for restorative justice. “Be the change you wish to see in the world” (Mahatma Gandhi).

Though I currently work full time ass a restorative justice facilitator, it wasn't always this way.  At my last school it was a student, a junior, who decided our school needed this approach.  He found backing from our principal, and he found a mentor in me, his advisor/teacher.

That's all it took for us to get started. We wanted to stop suspending students and so we had interesting and difficult conversations with students, staff and families, many of whom were resistant, about how to better deal with discipline. We read books, watched YouTube videos and reached out to local RJ practitioners.

There was not much of a roadmap, but it was exciting to be blazing our own path and discovering some powerful outcomes (and some informative failures) along the way...

(the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange is a leading forum for issues of youth justice)